Hämostatikum Al-Cu

For stopping minor bleeding of the oral mucosa and pulp. Side effect: germ reduction.

Prevalence of bacteremia triggered by dental and daily oral procedures.

Hemostatic Al-Cubloodless scalinggerm reducingstops capillary bleeding


A drop of the hemostatic agent Al-Cu is applied to the bleeding site by means of a cotton pellet soaked with it under slight pressure.

Separating layers of saliva or mucus greatly impair the effect, so direct contact with the bleeding site is essential.

In the event of bleeding in the root canal, a cotton thread or paper tip impregnated with hemostatic agent Al-Cu takes over the pressure contact.

Before touching inflamed areas in the mouth, carefully dab them to remove layers of mucus.

Indication / Purpose

For stopping minor bleeding of the oral mucosa and pulp. Side effect: germ reduction.


Aluminum chloride, copper II chloride, distilled water.

Application example:

14-year-old adolescent who, as a result of excessive soft drink consumption and desolate oral hygiene, shows multiple carious defects with partly circular caries and indication for crowns. Caries excavation leads to severe sulcular bleeding, which was stopped before the composite fillings.

Hemostasis was achieved with the aid of a cotton pellet soaked in hemostatic agent Al-Cu. A light contact pressure was required for this. 

The action of the hemostatic agent Al-Cu is based on rapidly diffusing aluminum and copper salts with small rapidly diffusing anions.

It has astringent and germ-reducing effect due to copper doping.

Due to its low viscosity, it flows well into hard-to-reach places.
Since Hemostatic Al-Cu is water-based, there are no interactions with many impression materials.


20 ml liquid

  • stops capillary bleeding of the gingiva, skin and pulp with lasting effect
  • for clean, bloodless scaling
  • No interaction with many impression materials
  • Germ-reducing - minimizes the risk of bacteremia
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