Why us?

Since the company was founded in 1975, our family-ownded company has been the reliable partner for dentists in Germany and abroad.


Our products are made in-house
and assembled.
No automated technology.

Made in Germany

From raw material to finished product,
everything is "Made in Germany".

DIN EN 13485 Certified

Our expertise and many years of experience
guarantee you consistently high quality from the raw material to the

Family and owner managed since 1975

The focus of our daily work
is quality and service orientation
for our customers

Competent advice

direct advice whether by mail, phone or chat.
You always speak to the right contact person

Our focus for you

Click through our focal points in the field of tooth preservation
and learn always a little more.


A radiant smile with healthy teeth - for a lifetime with our Tiefenfluorid ®. For children but also adults additionally with fruity-sweet taste as Tiefenffluorid    ® junior.
In the case of incipient paro pH-balancing and germ-reducing with Tiefenfluorid® balance.

Cavity & Stump Prevention

Optimal preparation of the cavity or the crown die is half the battle for an excellent result.
In addition to removing grease, moisture and residues of resin fillings with our cavity washing liquid, this also includes protecting the pulp to prevent sensitivities by using the Dentin-Versiegelungsliquid - Dentin sealing liquid.
In the case of metal fillings or crowns, it is possible to seal with Kavitätenspalt-Dichtungsmixtur - Cavity-fissure sealing-mixture can be used to seal the marginal gaps and firmly anchor the filling.


Everything for dental preservation is more than just a motto for us. Therefore we offer with our Calciumhydroxid-hochdispers - 
Calcium hydroxide-highly dispersed
 and Cupral ® two effective products for antibiotic-free root canal treatment. Ready-mixed and ready for immediate use.
For the irrigation of canals you have with our Cupral ® liquid is an effective aid.
You can effectively stop bleeding with our Hämostatikum Al-Cu - Haemostatic agent.


Our alkaline cements Atacamite-Wurzelfüllzement - root filling cement and Inetrims-Kronenzement - Iterim crown cement slowly set to form calcium hydroxide.
The resulting alkaline environment stops initial inflammatory stimuli.
Both have low strength and are therefore easily removable.


No implant is as good as the natural tooth.
The Depotphorese® is our holistic method for root canal treatment in which a weak electric field is used to Cupral ® is transported through all large, small and even curved canals to the apex. Can also be used for fragmented instruments in the root canal and root canals that cannot be completely prepared.
Also available as "Depotphorese ® to go" with our Galvanisches Stirfelement - galvanic pin elements.


Cupral ® - Your antibiotic-free alternative to chlorhexidine.
With a powerful effect and without affecting the taste.

For flushing pockets and channels, you have the perfect solution with our Cupral ® liquid you have an effective helper.

Stop bleeding

Our Hämostatikum Al-Cu - Haemostatic agent acts quickly and reliably.
It can be rinsed off without reopening the bleeding.
In addition, it has a germ-reducing effect and can of course be used with most impression materials without interaction.


Our products are all "Made in Germany" from our manufactory.
Of course you can find all our products in our shop.

Our team

Your contact persons can be reached directly at +49518124633
Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 to 16:30

Dr. Constanze Knappwost-Gieseke

Managing Director

Dr. Katja Günther-Schade

Quality management

Benedict Henne


Lutz Jordan


Sabrina Stopka-Marhauer


Ursel Knappwost

Managing Director

Our timeline

When did what happen at Humanchemie?

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